Text neck !!

Are you one of the majority of people that suffers from poor posture from constantly looking down at a desk or mobile phone???

Well if so, then recent research is showing some very scary health implications that are much more serious than just “looking” hunched over.

Repetitively sitting with the head slumped forwards, leads to the soft tissues of the neck and shoulders becoming “solidified” in that position, which leads to a permanently hunched posture. This can lead to true hyperkyphosis of the spine, and chronic pain as the spine has to try and support the weight of the head in an unnatural alignment. If you hadn’t noticed your head weighs A LOT!

Even more terrifying is that researchers have now discovered that this can lead to medical issues similar to , but separate from, osteoporosis, such as vertebral fractures, and as we get older can severely impair our mobility, stability and quality of life. 

So take a break from the lure of that electronic device and spend a bit more time looking out into the world. Not only will it allow you to engage more with your surroundings and enhance your current quality of life, but it could dramatically improve your health!!!!

Needless to say a regular yoga practice can really help to improve our awareness of where our bodies are in space and allow us to make little changes in our everyday lives to stave off these detrimental changes.

Happy yoga-ing 🙂


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