Well I’ve finally found the time (and inclination) to get back onto the site.

Life has definitely changed dramatically since Andrew was born exactly five weeks ago today.

In that time I have experienced a myriad of feelings and emotions (mostly good) but overwhelmingly I have found a whole new level of patience and acceptance.

Instead of feeling frustrated and inadequate that I haven’t updated the site in a while I’m just excited that today I’ve found 5 minutes to compose a post.

I also managed to do a full yoga practice. Ok – it was in 2 different sections because the baby needed fed half way through but instead of irritation and a sense of failure I managed to just be satisfied that I had done any yoga at all.

Some days just the intention of getting on the mat to practice has to be enough.

So the message from this post is to give yourself a break. Set an intention to do some yoga or spend 10 minutes in quiet meditation – but if you don’t manage to fulfill that intention don’t give yourself a hard time and let frustration take over. Just accept whatever you managed 2255E386-5566-4A3E-9C14-92E1F725ED22to do and remember there is always tomorrow 😊🙏🏻

If you need more inspiration then yoga journal are inspiring people to join in a march meditation challenge #MarchMeditationchallenge so if you’re interested log on online at



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