nomadic soul

Hi !!

It’s been a while since I last posted anything on here!

It is hard to write something that you think at least one other person might read when you are struggling to find inspiration. So I’m writing this one for me!

Like many people I have been searching for that elusive “thing” that will make everything fall into place. I don’t think it exists. There are far too many variables in life.

As someone who has spent their whole life terrified of change – or at least making a move towards the “wrong” change, I have finally discovered that I crave a more nomadic lifestyle.

Maybe not in the physical sense of moving away from all the people and things that are important to me and that form my home (although some travel is always exciting), but definitely in the sense of being less anchored by the things the make up my day to day life.

So I have decided to become a slightly freer spirit, letting my path go where it may and for the first time ever am moving forward without a definitive plan of exactly where this path might lead. It is so exciting to think about all the opportunities that I may stumble across, and the things that I can learn without the fog of expectation. Maybe this new direction will lead me to achieve something great – or maybe not, but I’m ok with that.

Set yourself free of the constraints of the box you are inIMG_2609 and allow yourself to be open to what might come along – unless you want to be in the box in which case that’s great too. Just be true to yourself πŸ™‚

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